KellPro API Reference Guide

HTTP Status Codes

The KellPro API attempts to return appropriate HTTP status codes for every request and response. All errors and exceptions that occur in the API are subject to capture and should return a specific status code.

Response Codes

200 OK

Success! Everything went according to plan.

401 Unauthorized

This response will happen anytime the key provided could not be authenticated. This will occur when the key provided is no longer active, or it is incorrect.

404 Not Found

This response usually means that the resource requested does not exist in the API. You should check for incorrect spelling, or an invalid resource request address.

405 Method Not Allowed

This response usually occurs when the request method is not available for the resource. It can also occur when the authenticated user does not have access to the requested resource. Some resources require special permissions to access.

422 Unprocessable Entity

This response occurs when the required parameters for the resource are not provided in the request. Check the documentation and be sure that all of the required parameters are being passed correctly. Check for any spelling or formatting issues.

500 Internal Server Error

Something went terribly wrong, or something is broken inside of the API. Please notify KellPro with the details about the request made and it will be fixed.

Example Error Response

	"code": 401,
	"message": "Unauthorized"