KellPro API Reference Guide

GET | POST | DELETE treasurer/sites

Returns a list of counties and some information about them. The code property can be used to return the details about a single county.

Resource URL


allow_half_payments Optional

POST — Specifies whether the site allows half-payments

Example: 1|0

code Optional

GET | POST | DELETE — Specifies the short code that is assigned to each county. If the code is sent with POST, it will update the record.

Example: 2

half_payment_cutoff_date Optional

POST — Specifies the half-payment cutoff date of the site.

Example: 2013-01-15

january_only_grace Optional

POST — Specifies whether grace is allowed only for payments made in January

Example: true

name Optional

GET | POST — Specifies the user friendly name of the site.

Example: Stephens

state Optional

GET | POST — The two character abbreviation for the state.

Example: OK

tax_grace Optional

GET | POST — Specifies the integer grace period for the tax calculations.

Example: 30

tax_method Optional

GET | POST — Specifies the method that is used to calculate the taxes.

Example: daily

tax_rate Optional

GET | POST — Specifies the decimal rate taxes are calculated by.

Example: 7.68

tax_year_payable Optional


tax_year_searchable Optional


Example Request