KellPro API Reference Guide

This resource is obsolete. Please use the new API.

GET okcr/counties

Returns a list of counties and some information about them. The code property can be used to return the details about a single county.

Resource URL


id Optional


online Optional

A boolean that can be used to limit the list of counties to those publishing their records on or those who are not.

Example: true | false

Example Request


	"recordEndDate":"2022-06-27 10:41",
	"imageEndDate":"2022-06-27 10:41",
	"clerk":"Barbara Barnes",
	"address":"Delaware County Courthouse",
	"address2":"327 South 5th St",
	"phone":"(918) 253-4520",
	"email":"(918) 253-4520",
	"hours":"8:00am - 4:30pm"