KellPro API Reference Guide

GET | POST | DELETE treasurer/mortgagelink

Provides information about warrants.

Resource URL


company Optional

POST — A string identifier for the company name.

Example: KELLPRO

details Optional

POST — A JSON encoded string object with any additional details

Example: {name:"Smith, John",address:"1112 E North St"}

mortgage_code Optional

POST — The mortgage code for the parcel.

Example: 01071

parcel Optional

POST — The string identifier for the parcel.

Example: 1930-00-001-009-0-000-00

record_id Optional

GET | DELETE — The identifier assigned to the record.

Example: 525


GET | POST — The identifier assigned to the site.

Example: 2

year Optional

POST — The year representing the fiscal year the information is for.

Example: 2012

Example Request


		"company":"Core Logic",
		"details":"{\"name\":\"PIERCE                   DANNY      \"}",
		"created_date":"2012-10-12 11:15:37.051813",